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  Eagle Eye, Mike Andrews, Keeps The Faith with Bear Heart on his  90th birthday….. April 13th, 2008

On that day, April 13th, our loved one requested that I take him to a western wear store to get him a western cut suit, a new suit for his birthday. We already had a sweat lodge full of people praying for him here at our home so I volunteered to get the suit if he would stay put! Here is a picture of him with nephew, Mike (above), about an hour after the request, wearing the new jacket to the suit. I should call it, “Your Wish Is My Command”.

 Little did I know that when the first “sweat” was over, there would be a second lodge. This time his grandson, Robert Charcoal, poured the water for his grandpa. Well, for three days prior to the birthday, Paw-Paw, who was brought up not celebrating birthdays as a special day, since everyday was a special day, had been putting on his swim trunks in anticipation of the event. He was ready as usual. He took off the new suit jacket and luckily I was there to catch it! He was now crawling into the lodge just like in the ole days! My first thought was that he would sit near the front door as usual but, NO, he crawled around to, where else, the seat of honor, across from the door, the hottest spot.

Although pretty silent the whole time, he offered his prayer and stayed for the entire “sweat”. When it was time to get out, he did have difficulty crawling back to the front door so we quickly opened the door to the West, where he had been sitting. His nephew medical doctor, Todd Dixon knew what to do. He immediately lifted his uncle out of the steaming lodge and put him back in his wheel chair. What a blessing for me also! I have named this picture (below) “ET CALL HOME”.I hope that is OK with Mr. Spielberg. .

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                                                                                 ET CALL HOME

We not only had a very special group of people here that day to celebrate but people from all over the country and Denmark, Norway, Germany, France. Israel and Italy were sending their prayers. It had been touch and go as to whether Paw-Paw was going to make it to his birthday but we say Ma-doh to the Great Being that he had a chance to say his own Thank You for his life up to 90 years. In the lodge, as is his way, he prayed for so many others.

 Now we come to another milestone and that is May 11th, 2008  On this date, also a Mother’s Day, Bear Heart’s son, Marc Nathan crossed over at the age of 17 years old wearing the uniform of our country. We are asking, once again, for all of you, those we know and those who may have just been introduced to Grandfather Bear Heart, to send prayers this way for him and his family, especially his daughter, Mari D. Williams-Tobin. We are praying that they may have an easy day of it and continue to find comfort in their family and with all those who love and support them.

 At this time we want you all to know that we send you good energy and wishes for many more blessings for you and your loved ones,

 All our Relations,

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Reginah and Bear Heart

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Bear Heart and Inipi

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Kuame, Paw paw and
 Grandson, Robert





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